Latvian Writers’ Union Contest for Support for Foreign Publishers

The Latvian Writers’ Union has announced a contest for foreign publishers financed by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia. In the framework of the contest, there is an opportunity to receive a grant for publishing Latvian literature in English.

This is the first of four contests, which are planned in the framework of a cooperation agreement between the Latvian Writers’ Union and the Ministry of Culture in 2016, and directed at popularizing Latvian literature abroad. The contest has been designed for publishers who publish books in English, as Latvia has been designated as one of the guest countries at the 2018 London Book Fair.

Legal persons/publishers that have experience working with Latvian authors or have interest in publishing Latvian literature are invited to take part in the contest. Submissions for the contest will be taken until 15 March, 2016. In April a commission of experts will decide upon the  allocation of grants. The contest documents, rules as well as schedule for future contests can be found on the Latvian Writers’ Union website under the section entitled GRANTS at Only online submissions are accepted.

The next contest in the framework of this program by the Latvian Writers’ Union and the Ministry of Culture of Latvia is scheduled for May.

In addition, in March the Latvian Writers’ Union plans on announcing a contest financed by the State Culture Capital Foundation for publishers who want to publish Latvian literature in languages other than English.

Please follow the link to see the rules of Contest and other documents

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